The end-to-end recruitment process. 

Summary of the referral program. 

Up to $2/hr, for every hour worked. 

Up to a salary of $100,000 = $1000 

$100,000 – $150,000 salary = $1500

$150,000+ salary = $2000

Summary of benefits available to consultants, cost, coverage, etc. 

Free Pet Insurance for 1 cat or dog. Additional pets can be covered at the consultants expense on our group plan. 

Student Loan Reimbursement Program. MissionStaff will pay $200/month towards student loan debt. This payment is made directly to the institution. The institution must be US-based, for US-based education. 

PTO Policy. 

What is “Mandatory” PTO?

Holiday Pay. MissionStaff offers paid holidays to any W2 consultant who elects for this. This benefit is a cost which is reflected in the deal calculator. 

How to calculate pay rates, bill rates, benefits costs and commissions. 

Best practices for preparing your candidate for the interview. 

Now that you have someone on billing, how do you nurture and maintain the relationship? This section offers tried-and-true best practices to make the most out of this relationship – now and in the future.