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Recruiting Lifecycle


When recruiting, make sure to check Bullhorn before reaching out to all candidates. Read through the notes to prepare yourself for your call/make sure the candidate has not already been presented for the role you are recruiting on. Make sure to document all emails/conversation that takes place between you and your candidate. Also – be mindful of the Recruiting Rules/Policies regarding candidate ownership. (below)



Must get the following information and enter into Bullhorn:

1.     Reason for Leaving

a.     This is very important.  You must understand exactly what is motivating the candidate to be looking for a job. Also, at this time you should ask how long they’ve been looking and have them describe their search including companies they’ve interviewed with or been presented to.

2.     Preferred Opportunity Criteria

a.     Details should include where they can/will commute; type of work; specific tools etc.

3.     Expected Compensation (Salary/Rate)

a.     Whatever compensation details you are given need to be tested. For example, candidates says she’ looking for $50/hour.  You say, if I had the perfect opportunity that hit 90% of your criteria, how much flexibility would you have?  What is the absolute minimum you would consider for a role that met 90%+ of your criteria?  Make a note of this number.

4.     Other Opportunities

a.     At this time, ask for a full list of companies the candidate has interviewed with, outcomes, and the names of companies they’ve been presented to but not yet interviewed with.  Leads!

5.     Communication

a.     Set the expectation for how you will be communicating with the candidate and the importance of keeping in touch.  Ask if call, text or email is preferred and stress the importance of timely responses.