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Submission To Job


1.     Re-qualify how the role aligns with criteria.

2.     Reconfirm rate.

3.     Make sure the candidate has not interviewed nor been presented in the last 12 months.

4.     Ask for updates about activity since you last spoke.


Submitting a Candidate to Account Manager:

1.     As soon as you speak with a candidate who you would like to submit, make sure their resume and contact information is updated in Bullhorn.

2.     Then, format their resume by placing it on the MissionStaff Letterhead which is found in the Shared Drive (Forms HR and Internal – Internal – eLetterhead).

3.     Save their formatted resume in the Shared Drive by going to Formatted Resumes, click on the first letter of their last name, and then save as Last Name, First Name. (Joe Smith would be saved under S as Smith, Joe)

4.     Now you are ready to submit your candidate to the account manager – create an email which includes their resume and completed reference check details (if you have them at this point). The body of the email will include a brief “sell” on the candidate including why they are a great fit for this position, why they are looking for a new job, when they are available to interview and begin a new job, and the hourly rate or permanent salary you agreed on.

5.     Once you submit the candidate to the account manager, go into the Jobs Report to add your candidate.

6.     This also needs to be documented in Bullhorn – to do so, find the req you are submitting the candidate to under the “Jobs” section. Click on it, and then click on the Add Submission button on the top right of the page. Type in the candidate’s name and click on the correct candidate. Change Submission Status to “submitted to AM”. Enter the source (how you found the candidate) in the dropdown menu. Enter the pay rate you are submitted them at. Click Save.

7.     Remember to update the jobs report as the candidate gets submitted to the client, gets set up for interviews, gets disqualified, etc. This also needs to be updated in Bullhorn – to do so click on the candidate’s name, click the Submission circle at the top of the page, and click the arrow to the left of “Date Added” – then make the updates by clicking the grey boxes – client submission, interview scheduled, placement. If you are updating anything other than client submission, interview or placement, you can do this by clicking the dropdown under “Status.”